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Social and environmental sustainability of our projects

InterGroup Mining

Acting responsibly

In line with our mission, our focus is on exploring for and sustainably extracting minerals that are essential to delivering a net zero carbon emissions world.
To that end, we make it a priority to act responsibly across all of our operations: from our management practices to our health and safety standards to our stewardship of the environment.
We understand that our business activities not only impact the people who work in our operations, their immediate environment, and the communities around our operations, we understand the responsibility that falls upon us to work with end-market supply-chains to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.
Long-term economic performance

Championing ESG protocols

Our growth and success as a company depends not just on our long-term economic performance but on the social and environmental sustainability of our projects. To that end, we have adopted the World Gold Council’s ESG standards for minerals extraction.
InterGroup Mining

Health and
safety standards

We are equally committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards across our projects. In short, we are committed to being a responsible twenty-first century minerals exploration and extraction company.