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Kaolin, also called china clay, is a soft aluminum silicate clay mineral that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of porcelain, paper, adhesives, rubber, paint, cosmetics, and fillers for cement.
DescriptionSizing% by WeightComment
Clay/ Silt<45μm46%Typically 80+% kaolin + silica and micas
Silt/Fine Sand>45μm;<150μm15%Typically silica flour, some kaolin 11%
Sand>150μm;<2.56mm35%Typically silica
Granules>2.56mm;<4.75mm3.5%Typically silica

High purity white Kaolin (GP1)

A dry high purity kaolin of good white colour. Typically used for the manufacture of industrial ceramics, manufacture of paints or as a filler where white colour is required.

Plastic Clay (Claycream)

A moist semi-plastic clay, off-white to buff colour. Typically used for the manufacture of industrial ceramics manufacture.

Highly reactive Metakaolin (IGM MK)

Metakaolin is a medium particle size clay produced by the calcination of the clay mineral kaolinite under controlled conditions. This product has good dispersibility, good pozzolanic activity, high purity and strong chemical inertness.

Fine aggregate Construction Sand (BCS1)

Possible use include: Fine aggregate for concrete production; asphalt and bituminous; road base; coarse filtration media; Horticultural applications

Product Specification

Base Kaolin ProductEnhanced Kaolin Product
High Purity Silica ProductDirect Shipped OreMixed Kaolin & Silica Material
Particle Size (typical)<45μm≤45μm>0.6mm;
>2.56mm< 0.6mm
PSD < 2 μm50 %75 %n/an/an/a
Moisture Content10 % (tbc)10 % (tbc)n/a11 %n/a
Unfired Brightness8486n/a8483
Fired Brightness9393n/an/an/a
Composition (typical)
LOI (1,0003 C)13.3 %13.8 %n/a7 %8 %
SiO247 %46 %99.7 %60 %54 %
Al2O337 %38 %n/a31 %33 %
Fe2O30.9 %0.8 %n/a0.8 %1.5 %
K200.8 %0.7 %n/a0.9 %2.4 %
MgO0.1 %0.1 %n/a0.1 %0.5 %
TiO20.25 %0.2 %n/a0.2 %0.3 %
CaO0.01 %0.01 %n/a0.01 %0.01 %
Na2O0.06 %0.06 %n/a0.04 %-
Theoretical Mica/Illite7 %5 %n/a8 %20 %

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