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Brilliant Brumby

A unique kaolin/gold geology



100km2 project at a great address

The Brilliant Brumby Project covers more than 100km2 in an under explored gold district of the Charters Towers Gold Province. The Charters Towers region has produced more than 20 million ounces (Moz) since being originally discovered in the late 19th century. The gold deposits are known for their large size and continuation to depth.


A unique kaolin/gold combination

Granites dominate the geology of this large project area. The gold mineralisation at Brilliant Brumby is hosted within Devonian mesothermal veins and in stockwork. Uniquely, the granite that surrounds the gold veins near surface has been weathered by tropical conditions to become kaolin in key sectors. Whilst not geologically related, this unique combination makes for a highly compelling potential co-mining opportunity.  The Surprise sector represents the cross-over point of the 20km SE to NW trending envelope of gold bearing quartz veins and the 18km SW to NE trend-line of high-quality kaolin.

Dynamic progress
being made


18km corridor

IGM has identified potential for significant kaolin over a 18km strike length of the Lolworth plateau, notably at Surprise. Metallurgical test work has already shown the potential for the use of the kaolin as a Metakoalin and High Purity Alumina (HPA). Work on the ground is rapidly suggesting that kaolin could be excavated along with gold-bearing quartz veins providing two revenue streams from the same project.

Discoveries to date include high-grade near-surface gold to 176g/t plus a number of samples >20g/t with down hole samples to 74.1g/t.


20km corridor with over 500 individual quartz veins

The best gold discoveries to date are along a prominent 2km trend called the Brilliant Brumby line. The widespread gold occurrences share similarities to the vein systems seen at the 6Moz Charters Towers Goldfield and show potential for more continuous structures with higher-grade gold mineralisation at depth.

These gold bearing quartz lodes occur in structurally controlled clusters of 1-2km long and 0.5-1km wide, lying within a 20km long and up to 5km wide NW trending envelope. Within this trend, detailed geological mapping has already outlined 60 quartz vein prospects grouped into 6 areas containing more than 500 individual quartz veins.

Size of
the prize just beginning to be unveiled

Under 10% of project area explored to date

Analysis of the veins and lodes in this high-grade gold system suggests the potential for more focused and continuous gold mineralisation at depth. Equally, whilst significant kaolin resources have been identified over a 18km strike length, attention to date has been mainly focused just on the Surprise prospect.
IGM and its consultants believe there is considerable potential for more gold and kaolin discoveries given less than 10% of the project area has been mapped and sampled to date.


The Brilliant Brumby EPM is centered over a prospective portion of Pentland District and includes several precious metal (Au-Ag) historic mines and advanced prospects which have received sporadic exploration over the past 25 years. These include the Brilliant Brumby Mine that was discovered and worked from 1937 to 1940, and sporadically thereafter in 1947 and 1961, and The Surprise Mine.

The Surprise Prospect & 20km Brumby Line