Developing a major ‘white gold’ and gold project - at scale INTERGROUP MINING Focused on minerals for a Net Zero Emissions future “White gold” kaolin – a key mineral for green concrete & EV battery coatings Gold – essential for clean-tech circuitry and cornerstone economic commodity


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in 20Moz gold region
NE Queensland, Aus

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long kaolin trend

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gold corridor



Enabling up to 40% CO2 reductions

when used in concrete production.


Essential to
EV batteries and LED screens

HPA can now be produced more economically from kaolin than aluminum.

A Key
Super-Cycle/Clean-Tech Commodity

Not just a store of value but an essential commodity within clean-tech.

Brumby Project

Brandy Creek Project

Flagship Property

Brilliant Brumby

Covering 100km2 in the gold rich Charters Towers region of NE Queensland, the Brilliant Brumby property is unique in that the granite surrounding the gold bearing quartz veins has been weathered into high-quality kaolin creating a compelling co-mining opportunity.


  • The company has signed an agreement with a private investor group based in the UAE for AU $15 million and a share placement in IGM. This investor group is well experienced in industrial mineral and gold mining in various countries.

  • Currently the resource is projected to have a 30+ year lifespan at full production and with its ability to deliver High Purity Silica, High Purity Kaolin, High Purity Alumina, gold and MetaKaolin the project has all of the needed traits to be deemed a critical resource deposit. It resides close to rail transport at Homestead that connects directly to Townsville Port for worldwide shipment. With all of the above said and the information outlined in this “Definitive Feasibility Statement,”

  • Appointment of Investique to lead AUD1m raise for Lithium Exploration, Completion of Listing Process and Start of Kaolin Production. InterGroup Mining, the Australian company focused on exploring and extracting minerals essential to delivering net zero emissions, is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Investique to complete a AUD1m raise from the UK.